Pion Mk I & II

The Mk I & Mk II came with a swept back keel and a 7/8 rig.

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LOA: 9.09m (29.84ft) LWL: 7.21m (23.67ft) Beam: 2.92m (9.59ft)
Draft: 1.74m (5.71ft) Displacement: 3,175Kg (7,000lb) Ballast: 1,542Kg (3,400lb)

These are photos of two Mk I Pions taken from the web (apologies to their owners!).

The red hulled craft dates from 1973.

Little information is available online (in English) about the Mk I, but it did appear to have most distinctive, forward facing, ports in the main cabin (see below).

The Heads on Mk I Pion's was on the Port side, abreast the companion-way.

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Yachtcraft Pion plug.jpg (141940 bytes) Yachtcraft  Pion turnover.jpg (150276 bytes) Yachtcraft  Launch Dynasty.jpg (147161 bytes)
Photos of Pion being built and launched in 1976 at Yachtcraft in South Australia
The story of the start of Pion 30s at Yachtcraft (Water Sport, September 1976)

Pion 30 - 1976 Yacht Buyers' Guide Review

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NB: the Van de Stadt yacht Ca-Va  was removed from this site for it was in fact found to be a Pioneer 9 and not a Pion.

This yacht is currently called  Mama Mia. She was apparently built in 1978 by Mander Marine in South Australia, and named Loper

It was taken to Geelong in 1983 by a member of RGYC, who sailed her for a couple of years, sold her, then re purchased her a further couple of years later on. She then went to Port Fairy, back to Melbourne and then to Geelong again.

Rod Birrell purchased her in February 2004 when she was located at a club in Geelong. She had been renamed Mama Mia by her previous female owner.

Mama Mia has a 7/8 swept back rig, and appears to be a Mk II Pion.  She has a reasonable wardrobe of sails and is fitted with a two cylinder Yanmar diesel.

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Papillon.jpg (67579 bytes) Papillon_a.jpg (61272 bytes)

Papillon was built by Yachtcraft in about 1980.  

Papillon appears to be a Mk II Pion.

From SA she went to Sydney and then to Launceston, Hobart, and Devonport where she was purchased by her present owner. She now resides in Hobart.

Papillon does very well in harbour races, often out performing larger and newer yachts. Her best sailing attribute is her ability to point very high and still maintain a healthy boat speed. She favours very light airs, and yet loves a good hard blow with the number three and a couple of reefs in the main. 

Papillon's keel is swept back and made of rather troublesome cast iron.  She has a 7/8 fractional rig, with a keel stepped mast and swept back spreaders. Her mainsheet is run from the cabin top giving a nice uncluttered cockpit.

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