Van De Stadt 30 (Pion)
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"Pion" is Dutch for Pawn (as in chess)

My 1988 Pion is labelled a Mk III on her build plans, and whilst I can find no official designation of marks I've chosen to call the craft Mk I, II & III on this web site. 

The Mk III's have a quite different keel and sail plan from the earlier craft, but the same hull.

Origin: Holland 1972
Designer: E.G. Van de Stadt
LOA: 9 m Beam: 2.9 m
Rig: 7/8

Number of the crew: 6

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This site was founded because I couldn't find any information on the Pion on the web in English.
NB: there is a Dutch Class Organisation at
I would be most interested in obtaining additional information and/or photos.


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